Rotary Club of Homer-Kachemak Bay
Minutes of the Regular Club Meeting, March 14, 2019
Meeting was called to order at the Best Western Bidarka Inn at 12:11 PM by President Bernie Griffard.
Board Members Present: President Bernie Griffard, Vice President Van Hawkins, President Elect Don Keller, Treasurer Read Dunn, Secretary Charlie Franz, Director Dennis Weidler and Director Gary Thomas.
Board Members Absent:  Director Lisa Roberts.
Club Members Present:  (24) Rick Abboud, Clyde Boyer, David Brann, Sue Clardy, Clark Cripps, Tom Early, Vivian Finlay, Craig Forrest, Vince Greear, Marianne Gross, Maynard Gross, James Hornaday, Doug Johnson, Ronnie Leach, Cinda Martin, Milli Martin, Marie McCarty, John Mouw, Marvin Peters, Susie Quinn, Paul Seaton, Bryan Zak and Karen Zak.
Quorum:  A quorum was established with a total of 33 club members (55%) present.
Action Item:
          President Griffard introduced the action item for the meeting:  Consideration of an amendment to the Club Bylaws to establish a Finance Committee.
Add to Article 9 Committees:
The Finance Committee - This committee shall assist with the development,
implementation, monitoring and modification of the budget.  The committee is authorized to make budget modifications up to 10% of the board approved committee budgets.  The Finance Committee shall consist of the President, Past President, President Elect and Treasurer.
          The proposed amendment was provided to the membership via e-mail on February 26, 2019 in compliance with the bylaws requirement for amendments that notice be provided at least 10 days in advance of the requested approval.
Dennis Weidler moved and Don Keller seconded approval of the amendment.  Approved – unanimous by voice vote.  A written vote in support of the amendment was also received from Jan Knutson.
There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 12:19 PM.
Respectfully submitted by Charlie Franz, Secretary