Attached is the schedule for the health fair on Friday and Saturday. Please look it over and make sure you are still available to cover your tasks. If something has changed and you are unable let me know. I can be reached at 299 6428.


-Van Hawkins
  2018 Friday Fair Set Up                                                                                                                                                                                    
                 Friday November 2 - SET UP
1:00 Gym Mats                                 Tables to loading dock 1:00 or earlier
            Paula K                                                  Don Keller
            Summer McGuire                                Rick Abboud
            Xander K                                               Winston Ajakaye
            Claudia Tocca                                       Mark Hemstreet
            Isabel K                                              
Gym layout Leader                          Commons Layout Leader
            Bernie G                                             Beth Trowbridge
Table/Chair set up                            Gym Partitions
            Jim Hornaday                                     Dave Brann
            Glenn Seaman                                    Daniel Carter
            Charlie Franz
            Sue Clardy                              Electrical
            Denice Clyne                                      Tom Early
            Paula K                                                 Winston A.
            Summer McGuire                  
            Xander K                                Sound System
            Claudia Tocca                                     Dennis Weilder
            Isabel K                                   Banner and Signs
            Davida Johnson                                  Erik Niebehr
4:00 Set Up Complete
5:30 -6: 30
            Exhibitor Set Up
                                       Fair Day Tasks
SATURDAY --   Clean Up 1 p.m.   -  EVERYONE STAYS TO HELP  
Registration      Milli Martin                        Blood Line- Gary Thomas
            Carol Swartz                                                   Boyd Walker  
            Jim Hornaday
            Mary Ann Gross
            Kathy Hill       
FORMS CHECK                                                      DEPOSITS
Beth Trowbridge                                                         Denice Cline
Boyd Walker                                                                Read Dunn
Katie Koester
Muffins/Set up/Cleanup Food-
Mark and Kathy Hemstreet/ SPH Auxiliary
Exhibitor lounge area
            Lisa Robert
            Marie McCarty
Rotary Booth                                                                         Statistics  
            Maynard Gross                                                           Will Files
            Bernie Griffard                                                           Daniel Carter
                                                                                                  Davida Johnson
Screening- Vision                                                                  Sandwich Signs                                            
Marv Peters                                                                             Glenn Seaman                                                          
Glenn Seaman                                               
Door Prize                
7:15 8:00 Bernie G                 8-10 Vivian F             10-12 Daniel Carter & Davida Johnson
12-1 Rick Abboud
Front Door Count                                                                
7:15-8:00 Rick Abboud          8-10 Clark Cripps       10-12 Bernie G.          12-1 Vivian F
Fair Floaters
            Charlie Franz
            Maynard Gross
            Bernie Griffard