Rotary Club Works to Upgrade Ben Walters Park
Ben Walters Park is located in a prime spot adjacent to McDonald’s Restaurant and bordering Beluga Lake floatplane base.  The Homer-Kachemak Bay Rotary Club adopted the park several years ago and is working to make the park safer and more user-friendly.  Rotary hosted a “Cranium Cup” trivia night at Alice’s Champaign Palace during Winter Carnival weekend in February with proceeds dedicated to upgrade the city’s parks.  These proceeds were doubled with an award of a Rotary District Grant plus a generous donation by McDonald’s. 
The club has repainted the restrooms, built benches, cleared brush to create more open space, and constructed new picnic tables.  Additional work is planned to brush out more areas and add new playground equipment from available funds.       Submitted to Homer News

Kathy Hill, Bernie, Dave Brann and I cleared some brush several Saturday's ago - can't remember the exact date.  Clyde and Vivian, Charlie Wells, Maynard Gross, Dave Brann and I painted the restrooms earlier this summer.  We still have more brush that needs to be cut to open up more of the area towards the lake and around the large trees at the top of the park.  Rotary purchased the materials and built two picnic tables using the plans provided by the city.


We are getting information from several vendors suggested by the City for playground equipment.  This equipment which is public playground acceptable is very expensive and practically all of it is made in the Midwest.  So shipping is a major expense.  In addition to the $2,000 from the Cranium Cup, the matching $2,000 from a District Grant, McDonald's promised us an additional $1,500.  

Kathy hard at work!

New tables at Ben Walters Park