Would you like to contribute further to Rotary by serving on a committee? Each of Rotary's committees, made up of Rotarians and Rotaractors from around the world, works with the organization's leadership to ensure efficiency and promote the goals and priorities of the strategic plan.

The following committees are searching for qualified candidates for openings in 2020-21. All committees correspond via email, teleconference, or webinars as needed, and some involve at least one mandatory in-person meeting per year. Most committee business is conducted in English.

To be considered for committee membership or recommend someone for an appointment, visit .

Applicants must be registered on My Rotary at and ensure that their includes current contact details.

The application deadline is 12 August.

Communications committee

Function: Advises the Board on communication with key audiences

Prerequisites: Professional background and experience in a communications-related field

Commitment: One three-year term; multiple conference calls; annual meeting in Evanston

Finance committee

Function: Advises the Board on Rotary's finances, including budgets, investment policy, and sustainability measures

Prerequisites: Professional background in a finance-related field; nonprofit experience preferred. Candidates should have experience at the club and district level in financial matters.

Commitment: One three-year term; two meetings a year in Evanston

Leadership development and training committee

Function: Advises the Board on Rotary's leadership training program for Rotarians, clubs, and districts, with a special emphasis on training for district governors

Prerequisites: Must have significant training or education experience with a preference for leadership development

Commitment: One three-year term; annual meeting in Evanston


Operations review committee

Function: Monitors the effectiveness, efficiency, and implementation of operations and all internal systems, advises the Executive Committee on compensation matters, and performs other oversight functions as requested by the Board

Prerequisites: Experience in management, leadership development, or financial management, and a thorough knowledge of Rotary's operations. Appointments will be limited to past RI directors.

Commitment: One six-year term; typically meets in Evanston twice a year

Rotaract committee

Function: Advises the Board on Rotaract; develops the Rotaract Preconvention program

Prerequisites Rotarians: Experience working with Rotaract; direct experience as a mentor or Rotaract adviser or district chair. Rotaract alumni are strong candidates.

Prerequisites Rotaractors: Leadership at the club, district, or international level. Strong candidates have served as a district Rotaract representative, organized projects, or attended a Rotaract Preconvention. Age restrictions may apply.

Commitment Rotarians: One three-year term; annual meeting in Evanston

Commitment Rotaractors: One one-year term; annual meeting in Evanston

Strategic planning committee

Function: Reviews Rotary's strategic plan and associated measures; advises leadership on other matters of long-term significance

Prerequisites: 10+ years of experience in strategy development, monitoring, and implementation, and strong understanding of RI and Foundation programs and services

Commitment: One four-year term; up to four meetings in Evanston