Homer-Kachemak Bay
Lakefront Hotel
Anchorage, AK
United States of America

WHAT is RYLA?RYLA” is short for Rotary Youth Leadership Awards.  It is a youth leadership development & training event sponsored around the world by Rotary International and is put on by local Rotary clubs in Alaska & Yukon. RYLA promotes development and understanding of leadership principles. Participants learn about the qualities of leadership, what makes an effective team and apply what they learn in challenging activities. Some of the RYLA activities include combination of experiential activities (don’t worry – they are safe!), group discussion, guest speakers / panel discussions, group team building, group problem solving activities and some personal reflection time.

WHO is RYLA for? RYLA is for local high school sophomores and juniors (grades 10 & 11). Interested participants must apply to their local Rotary Club to participate in RYLA. Participants are selected and sponsored by their local Rotary Club. 

WHERE is RYLA 2023? RYLA 2023 will be held in Anchorage, Alaska at Lakefront Hotel. If there are activities scheduled outside of the camp, transportation will be provided.