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Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? 


What is Guess "Who’s Coming to Dinner"? A multiple course dinner prepared in a fellow Rotarian’s home, with 6 guests AND it will be a surprise where you will go to dine until the day before the event. Names will be randomly selected for each dinner location. Thanks for your help.


Why? To get better acquainted with others in a small group setting. 


How to participate? 1)Volunteer to be a host. Each guest will prepay $15 to help the host defray cost of food for the dinner. 2) Sign up to be a guest and you may invite 1 other person. 


Frequently asked questions (FAQ): 

1)Will I be able to state my dietary needs, i.e. diabetic, Gluten Free, Celiac, allergies. vegetarian,? 

            Yes, that will be part of the sign up sheet information requested.

2) Will I get directions for the Host Home and their telephone number? 

            Yes, that will be included in the e mail you receive the day before.

3) What if I need transportation? 

            Coordination with other guests can be arranged.

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner Party


Tentative Date 4.14.18

Name of Rotarian________________________________________________________________

Name of Guest ____________________________________________________________________

Phone Contact ______________________________________

Text Contact_________________________________________

Email Contact_______________________________________

What is your preferred mode of contact on the day of the dinner

                   _______text  _________phone   ________email


Please list dietary allergies or lifestyle preferences that your host needs to accommodate for you to be able to attend? _______________________________________________________________________________________________


*Please know that this will be first come, first served and will be based on the number hosts we have. Right now, we have 3 hosts, meaning we can accommodate 18 Rotarians, including guests. The more hosts we have the more Rotarians and guests can participate.

Please consider hosting.  If you have questions, get them answered by contacting any member of the planning committee:  Denice, 907-299-4748 phone and text; Susie   907-299-3551 phone and text; or Sherrie 907-331-7698 phone and text; or Lorna 701-680-3568. Remember, each guest will pay the host $15 to help defray the cost of the dinner for the hosts. We realize that $60 won’t cover the cost, but hopefully it will make it affordable for anyone wanting to participate, either as guest or host.