As you know, we have a Russian University student who will be in Alaska for the month of July, 2019, as part of the University of Irkutsk Business school's internship program.  I am attaching Maria's photo, information about the program from the Director, PDG Vladimir Donskoy, and Maria's goals and resume.
When we return from Mexico, in late February, we need to begin the process of recruiting Rotarians who are willing for Maria to job shadow at their places of work.  We are working with the RC of Anchorage South to host Maria for the last half of the month, so our Club will need to host and find businesses for Maria for July 1-15.  Maria's visa was approved by the US government which apparently is a major achievement!  Our Rotary Club's activities, social events, and cultural experiences sound as important as the business shadowing/learning in this program.
Thank you very much.
Vivian and Clyde