Late last Friday I received word from Rosie Roppel, ADG from Ketchikan, that a Rotary Peace Scholar and retired High Court Judge, Roshan Dalvi, from India was heading to Homer to walk the Homer Spit.  She wondered if we could help Ms. Dalvi in her Quest. I, of course, said "Sure!" and waited for an itinerary.  Unfortunately, the first email didn't come through, and it wasn't until a resend on Monday that the Peace Scholar was already in Homer!  
When I met Roshan Dalvi, I was immediately impressed.  She really hadn't been expecting anyone to show her around but accepted my offer and we headed out on a quick tour.  Ms. Dalvi was interested in everything, and extremely friendly and easy to talk with.  A quick trip up East Hill to give her an idea what the Homer area looked like, especially the Spit that she came all those thousands of miles to walk and explore, then up to the overlook on Bay Crest where Mt. Iliamna was in full glory, as were Mt. Augustine and Mt. Douglas!  The sun came out just for her!  Our next stop was to City Hall to meet with City Manager and Rotarian Katie Koester, who is a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar.  The conversation was mostly over my head, but the City Manager and the retired Judge seemed to have pretty good handle on solving the worlds problems.  Now to get the world's leaders to listen to them!
I had to depart and Van Hawkins joined Ms. Dalvi on her Spit Walk.
Roshan Dalvi with the Homer Spit and Kachemak Bay behind her.
Rt. to Lft.  Roshan Dalvi, Katie Koester, and Craig Forrest