Claudia (pronounced cloud-e-uh) Fernandez Toca  from Spain is our inbound exchange student
for the coming year.  She arrived at 3AM on August 4 after the plane she was aboard was diverted to Vancouver and delayed due to a mechanical.  To avoid customs issues, the passengers were sequestered in a room for 7 hours--with pizza.  In spite of all that, she greeted me with a hug and a smile.  The following week I had the pleasure of joining Claudia, Winston and Summer at the Fall Orientation with all of the other inbound students from around the state.  She will be joining us this evening at the garden party, and I have been told she is cooking something special to share with us.  Her first host family is the Kulhanek family.  Please welcome her as a part of our Rotary family as well.  You can reach her at 907 435-7257 if you would like to include her in a family activity.   Her host family is the Kulhaneks, so please contact Paula at 907 399-3329 to make sure they have no family plans.