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Many thanks to Dave Brann and his cohorts from the City Parks & Recreation and FLEX for putting together a great Rotary co-sponsored Community Ice Skating event at Ben Walters Park on Friday, February 15. The weather was perfect and all attendees from all age groups had a great time.
In 2011, the Rotary Club of Homer-Kachemak Bay adopted Ben Walters Park with the goal of making it more family friendly and a place where members of the Homer community can come together. Dave Brann has been spearheading this effort. Rotary initiatives like the ice skating, park cleanup and playground equipment will make this a place for family events. It has also allowed us to work with corporate entities like McDonald’s who benefit from family friendly environments.
This Thursday’s meeting is a Club Assembly. Please make an effort to attend and participate in Committee planning.






ROTARY - Stipends available for 2019 D5010 Assembly/Conference
We are pleased to announce that our Rotary District will make ten $350.00 stipends available to D5010 Rotarians who are registered as first time attendees at the District Assembly and Conference in Anchorage on May 2-5, 2019. Preference will be given to Young Leaders who apply.  
These stipends, paid with Excess Reserves, were approved as part of a proposal last year submitted by Vivian Finley of Kachemak Bay Rotary, to provide education and training for Rotarians. We are particularly interested in providing opportunity for Young Leaders (ROTEX, ROTARACT, Young Professionals) to experience a District Assembly and Conference and opportunity afterward for further leadership development and serving in a district leadership role.  
The proposal by Vivian Finley was vetted by the Excess Reserves Committee, recommended for approval by the Finance Committee, then approved as part of the 2018-2019 budget at last year's conference in Seward. 
If selected to receive one of the stipends, the awardee will be expected to submit a written Trip Report following the conference, summarizing what they learned and how they expect to apply what they have learned.  Awardees will also be asked to serve on a D5010 committee or in a leadership role serving D5010 Rotary in 2019-2020.
Stipends will be paid to the Awardees by the district after receipt of the required Trip Report and a completed District 5010 reimbursement request.
The stipend application is simple, and can be found on the D5010 website
2018-2019 DG Diane Fejes 
2019-2020 DGE Andre' Layral


Stipend application for 2019 D5010 Assembly/Conference
Name: __________________________________________________________
Club Name: ______________________________________________________
email: ________________________________________________________
Best phone to reach you: ___________________________________
Are you registered now for the conference?
Are you a: (check all that apply)
____ ROTEX
____ Rotaractor
____ Rotarian
Member in good standing in your club?    YES.     NO.
How long have you been a member?
• _____ under 12 months?
• _____ 1-2 years
• _____ 3-5 years?
• _____ More than 5 years?
Have you attended a D5010 Assembly or Conference in the past? YES. NO.
Are you now (or have you ever) served D5010 Rotary on a committee or in a leadership
role?    YES.   NO.
An expectation, if awarded a stipend, is that you agree to write a Trip Report about what
you learned and how you will apply what you learned. You will also be expected to
serve on a D5010 committee or in a leadership role serving D5010 Rotary.
Your signature: _______________________________________ Date. ____________
Signature of Club President. ___________________________________________________
Please send completed application to DGE Andre’ Lyral, < >

More Announcements


At this time, there ARE  speakers signed up in February and March, but there are still some holes!  There are very few speakers signed up after mid-March.  Please sign up on the SPEAKER SIGNUP SHEET so that we will know who is scheduled to speak when, and what they will be talking about!! Please also make sure that the names are spelled correctly, so that their certificates are also spelled correctly!


If you had difficulty signing in to the Speaker Signup sheet in the past, you should be able to do so now.  For some reason, Google apparently changed things, and Will was able to get things working again.


If you see" ??", that means some of the information that is needed is missing, or that someone is unsure of what is actually planned.  Please fill it in, or let me know.


There are NO Greeters or Invocators signed up for the rest of the year!


Being a greeter is a great way to learn names and have a chance to say hi to everyone who comes to a meeting!  And we all appreciate an interesting poem, saying, words to a song, etc. to inspire us for the day.


Thank you for helping us have a great meeting!


Please continue to bring toiletries to our Thursday meetings so we can package them up and give them to Haven House for distribution to residents.  These items that go into the welcome baskets they provide are so important as many may arrive with nothing.


Ask Claudia about what's on her Alaskan "bucket list" and see if you can help her check something off!  It is a lot of fun!!


Bulletin Information:
If you have anything to put in the Bulletin, please get it to me no later than Monday evening.  I am trying to have the Bulletin out Tuesday evening, when possible, as most of my Wednesdays are full, and I cannot work on it until late at night.  I am trying to have the Bulletin be more for Club members and friends of the Club, and the Web Page be more for the general public.