Hello all attendees of the 20th annual Labor Day (weekend) BBQ at the Gordon’s in Halibut Cove! Can you believe this is the 20th BBQ they have sponsored!

FYI there were 25 from the Homer side of the Bay who attended and 9 who decided not to attend. No doubt the weather forecast played a part in the lower count! Fortunately the NOAA forecast did not hold true!

I hope everyone had an enjoyable time, I certainly did!! If I Did not get around to talking with you it was not intentional 😀, seemed like the afternoon flew by. Every time I attend one of our functions I learn something new about the Homer Rotary history (both clubs) and at other levels as well, i.e. Speaking with Carolyn Jones, former District Governor and former Rotary International Trustee!

A HUGE Thank You to Mike, Shelli, and everyone else who helped us get there and made it such a pleasant and enjoyable gathering.

Thank you

~Yours in Rotary~

Don Keller

Boarding the AR in Homer

Ready to Go!

Got a Bit Bouncy Going Over!

Halibut Cove

Halibut Cove

Halibut Cove

We're There!

Now, a Little Climb


To Fantastic Views

Looking Back at More Up!


And Berries!

Made It!  And It is Really Worth the Climb!

Fantastic Food!  Gardens Raided, Cookbooks Perused, Skills Dusted Off!  Wow!

How About This View of Halibut Cove From the Deck!


Places to Explore

Beautiful Scentery



Berries to Chase (Pic)!

Lots of Friends, Old and New, to Visit With (Unfortunately No Pictures Submitted).



Unfortunately Even the Best of Days Must Come to an End

The Cove Says Goodbye


The AR Coming to Pick Us Up

And Homer We Go

On the Way a Humpback Whale Visits Us

And a Good Time Was Had by All!