From the Desk of President Bernie



We are now fully into the second half of the 2018-2019 Rotary Club year. Looking forward we have some great projects that will benefit the Homer community.

In February we get to provide first class entertainment during the Winter Carnival with our second annual Cranium Cup.

As Spring arrives, we will be working with the City of Homer to complete the installation of the playground equipment at Ben Walters Park. In April, the Club goes all in for community clean up. Jim Hornaday will have more information as we get closer to the event. Spring also brings requirements for garden cleanup and planting at the Library.

On the Youth Services side, RYLA is fast approaching. If you have a name of a High School student who might be interested in participating, please pass it on to Past President Beth Trowbridge.

On another topic, we need someone to step forward as the President-Elect for Club Year 2019-2020.








Last fall among the things that the Club talked about as a way to get ourselves more publicity, it was suggested that we participate in the Winter Carnival and other parades.  The Winter Carnival Parade is coming up pretty soon.  If we are going to participate, we need to get some ideas, soon!  Please contact Van or Tom if you have any ideas.


More Announcements


At this time, there ARE  speakers signed up in January and February, but there are still some holes!  Please sign up on the SPEAKER SIGNUP SHEET so that we will know who is scheduled to speak when, and what they will be talking about!! Please also make sure that the names are spelled correctly, so that their certificates are also spelled correctly!


If you had difficulty signing in to the Speaker Signup sheet in the past, you should be able to do so now.  For some reason, Google apparently changed things, and Will was able to get things working again.


If you see ??, that means some of the information that is needed is missing, or that someone is unsure of what is actually planned.  Please fill it in, or let me know.



Being a greeter is a great way to learn names and have a chance to say hi to everyone who comes to a meeting!  And we all appreciate an interesting poem, saying, words to a song, etc. to inspire us for the day.


Thank you for helping us have a great meeting!


Please continue to bring toiletries to our Thursday meetings so we can package them up and give them to Haven House for distribution to residents.  These items that go into the welcome baskets they provide are so important as many may arrive with nothing.


Ask Claudia about what's on her Alaskan "bucket list" and see if you can help her check something off!  It is a lot of fun!!


Bulletin Information:
If you have anything to put in the Bulletin, please get it to me no later than Monday evening.  I am trying to have the Bulletin out Tuesday evening, when possible, as most of my Wednesdays are full, and I cannot work on it until late at night.  I am trying to have the Bulletin be more for Club members and friends of the Club, and the Web Page be more for the general public.