The potatoes have been harvested (for the most part), weighed, and delivered to the Homer Community Food Pantry.
A few photos and a data spreadsheet are attached.
Pounds of Whites
1st  Place           Marv            36.5 lbs
2nd Place           Mr. X           22.2 lbs
3rd Place            Tom            18.0 lbs
Pounds of Reds
1st Place            Marv            46.5 lbs
2nd Place          Charlie         44.3 lbs
3rd Place           Tom              21.5 lbs
Total of Reds and Whites
1st Place            Marv             83.0 lbs
2nd Place          Charlie          53.6 lbs
3rd Place           Tom              39.5 lbs
Largest White
1st Place             Mr. X             1.51 lbs
2nd Place           Marv              1.30 lbs
3rd Place            Bernie           1.20 lbs
Largest Red
1st Place             Charlie          1.84 lbs
2nd Place           Tom               1.69 lbs
3rd Place            Mr. X              1.34 lbs
(At this time, Mr. X has not been  identified)